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Mahieddine Amimour: “We Are Not Stupid,  We Will Not Be Fooled By Morocco King’s Rhetoric”

Mahieddine Amimour: “We Are Not Stupid,  We Will Not Be Fooled By Morocco King’s Rhetoric”


Mahieddine Amimour: “We Are Not Stupid,  We Will Not Be Fooled By Morocco King’s Rhetoric”

Former Culture and Information Minister, Mahieddine Amimour, commented on the recent speech of Morocco’s King, Mohammed VI, saying that at the first glance it appeared “a smart speech that is laden with goodwill and good intention, but conscious reading reveals its main flaw: that its author or visionary imagines that the others, Algerians and non-Algerians, who do not know how to read, are less intelligent. “

In a written statement to Echorouk, the former adviser to the late presidents, Houari Boumediene and Chadli Benjdid, said the speech calls for substantive dialogue and without preconditions, while the speech is delivered on the occasion of the green march that Algeria considers a cover for the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara while neglecting the opinion of the International Court of Justice.

According to Amimuor, Mohammed VI speech begins with Morocco’s concept of territorial integrity that is a fundamental point of contention with international resolutions that do not recognize Western Sahara as part of Morocco and with the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, which does not recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

“Morocco King speaks of realism which is in fact an attempt to impose a fait-accompli on Algeria, and encapsulates all this with beautiful communications that are calculated by the thirsty as water, in order to present Algeria as a country that reject the fraternal dialogue and a denial of the good of the brothers, while the only two Arab leaders that are commemorated by the streets of Algiers are King Mohammed V and Prince Abdelkrim Al-Khattabi, who are Moroccans, and no Algerian intellectual wrote one word about Morocco’s support for us or harming the Moroccan people”.

“This diagnosis contradicts much of what is written by brothers, which is harmful to us and our history, whether in newspapers or in social networks, and all this in addition to the King’s speech that is asking Algeria to make suggestions on the mechanism of dialogue, while the interlocutor should propose a practical mechanism to ensure its objectivity, instead of using the beautiful rhetoric”.

“Everyone should know that we are not stupid and we know how to read and we can not be fooled with rhetoric. This is all if we forget that the main party in the conflict is the Saharawi people that has been completely ignored, that is, they are asking us to betray their brothers in order to respect their will to implement UN resolutions and realize that there is no peace in the region if we ignore their legitimate demands”.

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